Mirobot – The future of milking parlors (Hebrew)
June 2013 - “The Dairy Farm and Milk”

No wonder Israel is the world's leader in agricultural developments (Hebrew)
Mirobot - managing dairy farm by remote

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Taking Israeli agritech on the road
Five Israeli companies bring their farming innovations on a five-city US roadshow...

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MiRobot May Be the Next Revolution In Dairy Farms...

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La Argentina es uno de los países elegidos por las empresas lácteas israelíes (Spanish)
Una empresa israelí desarrolló un novedoso robot para ordeñar vacas a bajo costo...

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Israeli robot could be your next ‘milkman’
MiRobot’s automated milking system could be the biggest thing in dairy farming in a century...

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Professional conference of the Israel Dairy Board
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MiRobot - Multi-Stall Automatic Robotic Milking System - High-Tech
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