The miRobot Multi-stall automatic robotic milking system

Conventional milking parlors rely on manual operations: cleaning, stimulating milk release, attaching the milking equipment, and disinfecting the teats after milking. These repetitive routines must be performed by trained operators, which drive up labor costs, cause inconsistent quality of milking and therefore sub-optimal throughput of the milking parlor.

miRobot is developing next-generation robotic milking systems for cost-effective, high-performance automatic milking in medium, and large dairy farms (from 200 to more than 3000 cows). Designed as an add-on to conventional milking parlor equipment, miRobot’s system comprises fully automatic, state-of-the-art robotic arms installed in each milking stall. The robotic arms perform cleaning, stimulating, attaching the milking cluster, and post-milking routines to enable a milking procedures that are uniform, reliable, and of the highest quality.

The miRobot multi-stall system will allow farmers to milk complete parlors simultaneously with only one supervisor (as opposed to the current situation, where many operators are required). The system is cow-friendly and provides consistent and superior milking procedures to maintain the cow’s habits and increase milking yields. It is also environmentally friendly, automatically collecting and disposing of the iodine used for cleaning and disinfecting.


miRobot’s system offers improvements in cost, efficiency, and quality —
  • Reduced amount of labor significantly increases profits
  • Shortened total milking time enables more cows to be milked with existing equipment
  • Standardized, consistent and efficient treatment of every cow before, during, and after milking improves the well being of the cow and therefore greater milking yields.
  • Reduced environmental impact of cow-cleaning procedures